Our Restaurant

A space where creativity runs free

From food enthusiasts to sophisticated palates looking for an original and innovative take on their favourite dishes, at Amedeo you’ll be sure to find something to please everyone’s appetite. Our dining rooms reflect our personality, which is why they are designed for maximum creativity: cosy, spacious, peaceful and overall the perfect setting for relaxing and merrymaking over a delicious meal and a fine wine.

Our Menu

Constantly improving

Roman cuisine is already perfect just the way it is, but there is always room for improvement. That is our motto. Never losing sight of our ancient culinary heritage, we honour it by enriching our dishes with our own modern touch. Our wine list will not fail to surprise you either: a vast selection of wines by the glass that we’re constantly updating. Let yourself be inspired by our sommelier’s expert recommendations and get to know the best wine pairings for your meal.

Our Kitchen

Ingredient is king

Quality ingredients are at the heart of all our dishes. Sourced from the local market or our trusty suppliers, we put all our care and attention into selecting the best quality ingredients to feature in our dishes and bring out the best of our authentic, Italian flavours.
Only top-quality ingredients

Our Staff

We are here to listen

We’ve been in our customers’ shoes many times over the years, which is how we’ve come to know what they expect of us. We’re always ready for a challenge and are constantly devising new ways to meet your needs. Our floor and kitchen staff has been professionally trained to listen to our customers and regale them with a rich and enjoyable dining experience without skimping on any details: from creating a refined, genial and sophisticated environment, to making sure service is always efficient and never intrusive.