Our philosophy

An authentic dining experience honed to perfection

Amedeo was born out of two choices. The first was a choice from the heart, following our passion for Italian cuisine. The second was a rational one, based on our longstanding entrepreneurial experience. Cooked to perfection, with love and attention. Our recipes are steeped in tradition, cooked from scratch from fresh quality ingredients and handled with care by the skilled hands of our chef. Our service, on the other hand, is carried out with great professionalism and attention to detail, in order to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Our customers

We believe that food and wine are for sharing

All chefs have a secret ingredient. Amedeo’s is hiding in plain sight: it is our desire to connect with our customers in a meaningful way and to create for them an experience that goes beyond our delicious food. Wine and food tastings, themed soirées: whatever the occasion, good food has the power of bringing people together.

After a trip to the local market

A story of culinary innovation

Amedeo’s founders are long-time friends. From their three different takes on Italian cuisine, a spirited and sophisticated dining experience was born. Taking the rich Roman and Italian culinary heritage as a starting point, the three founders looked to the international stage for new influences that would make their venture unique. Nowadays, Amedeo has achieved an established status as one of Rome’s most beloved eateries.